Top 10 British Foods

From hearty comfort food to traditional favourites, here we’ve listed ten of Britain’s most beloved dishes…

Bacon Butty

According to the Food Network’s Top 100 Favourite Foods, the humble bacon butty is a sure fire winner.

To create the perfect bacon butty, the bread must be white, the bacon crispy and the sauce red.

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Bangers and mash

This British food, once the ‘working class hero’s meal’ is an icon.

‘Bangers’ is the term used to describe pork sausages and ‘mash’, mashed potatoes. In certain areas, this dish is topped off with plenty of buttery fried onions and copious amounts of gravy.

Cornish pasties

Sometimes called ‘oggies’, these savoury treats, which date back to the 1200s, are a product of Cornwall.

Asides from being a moreish British food, they’ve also been awarded a protected status by the EU – which means, all Cornish pasties must be crafted in Britain’s most south-westerly corner.

The pasty itself boats a delicious combination of chunky meat and vegetables, enveloped in a hearty pastry case.

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Fish and chips and mushy peas

Fish and chips – Britain’s national dish – is one of the UK’s most popular meals. They’re so moreish, that the UK is home to an astounding 10,500 plus fish and chip shops (or chippies if you prefer), with Brit’s consuming an incredible 250 million fish and chip meals every year!

Mushy peas, the perfect accompaniment to fish and chips, come in the shape of dried marrowfat peas, which are soaked overnight in water with bicarbonate soda or baking soda. They are then simmered with salt and sugar to create a thick green lumpy mash.

Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings

These two British foods, when paired, create one of the UK’s most celebrated meals.

Nothing says Sunday comfort food like a crispy Yorkshire pudding and a salacious slice of roast beef, sopping in gravy.

Toad in the hole

We Brits adore cost-friendly British food! Its somewhat inquisitive name earns odd looks from outsiders, yet despite this, it’s pretty simple.

Yorkshire pudding batter is poured over bangers (sausages) to create this piece of British bliss. It was originally served over 200 years ago.

And the explanation for the name? Many believe it’s due to the sight of the sausages that peek through the batter, which resemble frogs peering out from a crevice.

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The Brits are a nation of tea lovers, and tea just isn’t tea without a batch of freshly baked scones.

This sweet and savoury treat is conventionally served with lashings of clotted cream and jam or simply, warm from the oven with butter. Scones are usually created from oatmeal, wheat or barley.

The ingredients are combined with baking powder and sometimes sugar, before being baked on sheet pans. The scone differs from other sweet pastries and teacakes, which are made with yeast.

English breakfast

Fuel for the day, the English breakfast (or fry up) usually comprises of eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), sausages, bacon, black pudding and a beverage such as orange juice, tea or coffee.

Many eateries serve this great British dish all day long and not just during the breakfast hours.

This breakfast first became popular in the Victorian era, with a lighter alternative being offered in the shape of a continental breakfast – a dish comprising pastries, yogurt, cereal, tea, coffee and juice.

Shepherds pie / Cottage pie

Shepherd’s pie or cottage pie comes in the shape of a meat pie complete with a topping of mashed potato.

The essential ingredients include minced meat (lamb or mutton for shepherd’s pie and beef for cottage pie). The name ‘cottage’ was applied to this dish around the time potatoes were being introduced in England, as they were an affordable thing for peasants, many of who lived in cottages.

The contents are cooked in gravy, complete with onions and various other vegetables, and then topped with mashed potato. There is now a vegan version of this British dish available, which goes by the name ‘Shepherdless pie’.

Bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding is a traditional British food prevalent in British cuisine. It’s made using many slices of buttered bread (often stale), which are layered together, then sprinkled with raisins.

All ingredients are placed in an ovenproof dish. A mixture comprising egg and custard, made with either cream or milk, seasoned with vanilla, nutmeg or other spices, is poured over the mixture.

This dish is usually served with custard or carnation cream. The first bread and butter puddings went by the name of whitepot and were created with butter or bone marrow. They were also often made with rice pudding – another popular British treat.

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