who invented chocolate
Who Invented Chocolate?

Chocolate, a treat enjoyed by almost all, began its life in Latin America. The sole reason for its origins? Cacao trees. But who actually invented chocolate? The first known people to use…

beers of europe
Beers of Europe – A Short Guide

Craft ales are having a moment, with an array of former beer-shy nations producing beverages intent on competing with the traditional brewing powerhouses. As a result, it’s possible to find delicious beers…

Baskets for Christmas Hampers
10 Gorgeous Baskets for Christmas Hampers

Christmas hampers are a great gift for all, including friends, family and colleagues. From hampers filled with gourmet food goods to baskets brimming with beauty products, there is something to suit everyone!…

Christmas hampers
All you Need to Know about Christmas Hampers

Christmas hampers – wicker baskets brimming with gourmet gifts – make wonderful presents for everyone. From pampering hampers to foodie hampers filled with savoury delicacies, luxury wines and sweet treats, there’s a…

family food hampers
A Gift for the Whole Family – Family Food Hampers

Family food hampers make a great gift! They’re thoughtful, they look and taste good, and they can be tailored to the recipient. From custom-made hampers to pre-packed gift baskets, there is a…

Christmas gift baskets
Top Tips for Buying Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets make ideal presents for friends, family and colleagues. From pamper hampers to foodie baskets, there’s a Christmas hamper to suit all, but how do you go about choosing the…

Christmas hampers


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