Top Tips for Buying Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets make ideal presents for friends, family and colleagues. From pamper hampers to foodie baskets, there’s a Christmas hamper to suit all, but how do you go about choosing the best option?

Read on for our top tips for buying Christmas gift baskets.

Top Tips for Buying Christmas Gift Baskets

Choose a theme

When picking the perfect Christmas gift basket, begin by choosing a theme. One of the most traditional options is a food hamper, brimming with tasty treats such as Christmas pudding, luxury chocolates, fruit cake, port and coffee.

Alternatively, you may wish to pick a more specific hamper, containing the likes of cheese and ale, or an abundance of chocolates in every flavour imaginable.

Choose a size

If you’re buying a hamper for one person, a small basket will suffice. However, if you’re buying a hamper for the entire family, a large or extra-large basket (depending on how generous you’re feeling) will be more appropriate.

Check dietary requirements of the recipient

Certain individuals are gluten-free, wheat intolerant or vegan. Thankfully, today’s Christmas gift baskets and hampers cater to all.

If you want to ensure the recipient enjoys every last item in the basket, be sure to check if they have any dietary requirements.

Such gift baskets will often comprise of raw fruit bars, healthy nuts and seeds, sugar-free and dairy-free chocolate bars, fresh fruit, energy balls and scrumptious smoothies or organic wines.

Learn more about your recipient’s tastes

If those you’re gifting have a sweet tooth, opt for a gift basket overflowing with chocolates and sugar-filled sweets.

If they’re a wine connoisseur, choose a classic cheese or wine hamper; while alternatively, if they’re less about food and more about pampering, invest in a basket filled with beauty products, lotions and potions.

 Christmas Gift Baskets

Order in plenty of time

Christmas gift baskets are one of the most popular gifts to give come the festive season. After all, who doesn’t appreciate receiving a hamper brimming with delicious delicacies or pure pampering products?

However, if you want this gift to arrive in time for Christmas, you’ll need to order it in plenty of time.

Firstly, to avoid it going out of stock, and secondly, to escape the last-minute Christmas rush. Certain stores and websites offering hampers will recommend a delivery date, especially if the gift basket in question contains perishable goods.

Make your own Christmas hamper

If you’re unable to find a hamper suited to the recipient’s tastes, or quite simply wish to create something more personal, making your own Christmas gift basket is a great idea.

A number of suppliers offer empty gift baskets, boxes and chests – all of which can be filled with goodies by yours truly! This fun, festive present is guaranteed to make someone smile on Christmas day.

Once you’ve chosen a basket, line it with a festive fabric or coloured tissue paper. The next step? Fill it with gifts. One you’ve squeezed as many goods into the basket as possible, cover with cellophane and tie with a bow.

Alternative hampers

 Christmas gift hampers don’t have to be filled with festive foods and pamper products alone. Instead, you can find something to suit all.

From baskets filled with green-fingered goods, such as seeds, plants, gloves and gardening tools, to hampers brimming with books, movies or stationary – there is most certainly a Christmas gift basket to suit all.

Gifts for her and him

Not everyone wants to receive a hamper filled with ale and cheese. If gifting a family, be sure to add goodies to suit everyone.

For example, you may wish to add a few ales for him and a bottle of bubbles for her. Alternatively, if you’re gifting individuals who have both sweet and savoury tastes, be sure to add a range of confectioneries and wholesome goods.

Make your own treats

If you’re on a budget, making your own gifts to go inside the gift basket is a must!

Whether you choose to knit a hat, make your very own jam or bake a Christmas cake, chocolate brownies or homemade chocolates – all of these food types are perfect hamper additions. There are an abundance of Christmas recipes available online, all of which will help you to create an array of delectable delights!

Buy online

If you’re gifting friends and family who live further afield, buying Christmas gift baskets online can make the process stress-free.

An abundance of sites offer free delivery and will deliver to both home and work addresses. Even if you’re going to be seeing the people you’re gifting on Christmas day, buying online takes the hassle out of having to deliver or carry the item yourself.

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