10 Gorgeous Baskets for Christmas Hampers

Christmas hampers are a great gift for all, including friends, family and colleagues. From hampers filled with gourmet food goods to baskets brimming with beauty products, there is something to suit everyone!

For those who prefer to create their own hampers, there are a wide variety of empty baskets for Christmas hampers to choose from, many of which are readily available online.

Serenata boasts a huge selection of empty wicker hampers – choose the one you like and simply fill it with an array of gifts, comprising decadent delicacies and pamper products!

Asides from being a great gift for a loved one and the perfect vessel for a hamper, gift baskets can be used for years to come.

Once the recipient has devoured the contents, he or she can use the basket to store magazines and household goods, or alternatively use it as a picnic basket.

Small wicker hampers

A plain wicker basket, complete with leather buckles, is the ideal basket for a Christmas hamper.

Before filling this vessel with treats, it’s important to decide on a theme.

The lucky recipient may be a foodie, a pamper princess or a wine connoisseur – the products you choose will determine the basket you pick. Small wicker baskets are an ideal option for one person.

 Baskets for Christmas Hampers

Medium-sized baskets

Medium-sized baskets for Christmas hampers are an ideal choice if you intend to gift a couple.

Just remember to pick products that are suited to both recipients. For example, if one half of the couple has a sweet tooth, and the other half a taste for savoury goods, be sure to include equal measures of both.

 Baskets for Christmas Hampers

Large hampers

Large hampers are an ideal choice for families.

A gift hamper is the perfect option to send the entire family and it can be filled with an array of cheeses, wines, condiments, chocolates, luxury nuts, cured meats and sweets.

baskets for Christmas hampers

Extra large hampers

An extra large hamper is the basket to choose if gifting a very large family.

This way you can add something to suit all – including wine and soft drinks, savoury and sweet treats and an array of ales and beers.

 baskets for Christmas hampers

Wine boxes

If the recipient is more of a wine connoisseur, a wine box is a great option for a gift hamper.

A wine box generally fits two bottles of wine – if the recipient prefers reds, opt for a pairing of merlot and a Shiraz, or a Malbec and a Rioja.

If they’re fond of a certain region, you may prefer to choose something they’ve raved about in the past.

 baskets for Christmas hampers

Wine chests

A classic wooden wine chest not only looks good, but it makes the perfect gift for those who know their wines.

Whether gifting a client, a loved one or a family member, when it comes to choosing baskets for Christmas hampers, this is a great option.

You can choose between white, rose, red or sparkling wine, meaning there is something to suit an array of tastes.

 baskets for Christmas hampers

Picnic hampers

Picnic hampers, complete with a chilled compartment, make great baskets for Christmas hampers.

Fill with a range of foods and beverages comprising sweet and savoury treats, such as cheeses, wines, beers, ales, luxury crackers, pates, condiments and chocolates.

Once all the goods have been devoured, this hamper can be re-packed and taken to the likes of festivals, the beach and parks on a summer’s day.

 baskets for Christmas Hampers

Wicker trays

If you’re looking for baskets for Christmas hampers that are ideal for just a few gifts, a wicker tray is a great option.

Once you’ve filled the basket with an assortment of treats, wrap with cellophane and tie with a bow.

 baskets for Christmas hampers

Plastic baskets

If you’ve decided to give a loved one a basket brimming with pamper products, comprising luxury bath soaks, face masks, body lotions, oils and perfumes – a plastic hamper is ideal.

Once open many of these products can become slightly greasy and plastic baskets (unlike wicker baskets) can be wiped clean.

Luxury picnic baskets

Luxury picnic baskets make ideal Christmas hampers. These particular hampers contain everything you could ever need to enjoy a range of treats, including silver cutlery, china plates, glasses, striped napkins, salt and pepper pots and cooler bags.

Regardless of which hamper you choose, a Christmas basket brimming with decadent foods, pamper products or wines makes a great present!

Whether the receiver has a savoury palette, a sweet tooth, or a mixture of the two, you can design a Christmas hamper that is perfectly tailored to their taste buds.

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