welsh food
Traditional Welsh food

Welsh recipes stem from a history of stoic folks celebrated for living off the land. The food was created to fuel hard working locals and as such, boasts a series of simple…

types of tea
Most Popular Types of Tea

Tea leaves come in a variety of different flavours, all of which originate from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Today, there are hundreds of different types of tea, all of which offer unique characteristics, taste and…

rye whiskey
All you Need to Know about Rye Whiskey

Rye whiskey boasts an assortment of rich aromas with a hint of spice. It’s these distinct flavours that set it apart from other popular whiskeys, including the likes of bourbon. However, there’s…

british food
Top 10 British Foods

From hearty comfort food to traditional favourites, here we’ve listed ten of Britain’s most beloved dishes… Bacon Butty According to the Food Network’s Top 100 Favourite Foods, the humble bacon butty is…

Why is Boxing Day called Boxing Day
Why is Boxing Day called Boxing Day?

Boxing Day, a national Bank Holiday that occurs post Christmas, is the perfect time to enjoy leftover Christmas foods with family and friends. The beginnings of the day, however, are steeped in…

ale beer
All you Need to Know about Ale Beer

Beyond the sensory pleasure of drinking it, there is so much more to ale beer than meets the eye. Yet asides from the flavour, many beer connoisseurs have extended their curiosities to…

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